Hilda Sanchez

After an invitation from Kathy Wade to join Assistance League of Long Beach, Hilda Sanchez became part of the class of 2007. She laughs when recalling the offer, because she didn't know much about the organization at the time, but "who turns Kathy Wade down?" It turned out to be a win/win for both Assistance League and Hilda.

Hilda Sanchez and Dave Rigby

Hilda and her husband Dave Rigby own and operate Minuteman Press in Downtown Long Beach, a business which consumes a great deal of their time. Hilda found that she could be active in other organizations, because she was her own boss and could arrange her time accordingly. And busy she did become, serving on the Board of Directors for two years as the Press and Public Relations Chairman. She was also active on the silent auction committee, Corporate Partners Committee, and eTapestry. Her favorite activity, however, was working the third Saturday of each month at the Thrift & Vintage Shop, an activity that she continues to this day.

Born in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, Hilda and her family moved often as her father went wherever the jobs were. She spent most of her growing-up years in Laredo, Texas. Hilda praised her father as a very hard worker who was generous to a fault. Her mother was also a tireless worker who not only raised Hilda and her two brothers but also found time to volunteer. They set good examples for their children

Dave Rigby grew up in upstate New York. In 1974 he decided to give Southern California a try. It was while working at Mattel Toy Company that he met Hilda who was also an employee there. After six months of dating, they were wed. While they have now been married for 41 years, Dave jokes, "That's why Hilda didn't change her name. She didn't think our marriage would last!"

Hilda just recently finished her term as president of Steel Magnolias. She has also been very active in the Downtown Long Beach Alliance, serving as chairman. Dave has been part of Kiwanis. Their life, however, is not all work and no play. The one activity that Dave brought into their marriage was golf. For them, Sunday is golf day. Even Hilda's two brothers and their families have been bitten by the golf bug. Their vacations often involve the sport.

Dave and Hilda are also into ballroom dancing. Several years ago they were asked to take part in the "Dancing for our Stars" competition put on by Memorial Medical Center Foundation. With only a few months to practice their routine, they spent up to four days a week dancing. Sometimes they were at the Arthur Murray Studio and much of the time they were in their garage. All their effort paid off as they took home a trophy for second place. You can still catch them dancing at Old Ranch Country Club or anywhere else there is good music and a dance floor.

In explaining why they are Legacy Society members, Hilda says, "Assistance League of Long Beach holds a special place in our hearts. Growing up in a poor home, I can see the difference the programs make in children's lives. We like that it helps the people in our community and that it's a hands-on organization." Hilda and Dave have benefitted from Assistance League of Long Beach as well. "It's given me more friends," said Hilda. "It has opened our eyes to the needs of our community, and in helping others our lives have been enriched."